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Resin Art Work Namokar Mantra


Color:- White Golden

Product Dimensions:-Dia 15Cm x 15cm×16 Cm

Room Type:- Office ,Consoles, Living Room, Corner tables, Center table etc.

Number of Pieces :- 1

MATERIAL :-High Grade Metal with EPL Gold and Resin Finish

Finish Type:-Glossy White and Golden EPL

Assembly Required :-No

Shape :- Round with Stand



The Resin Navkar Mantra Frame is an exquisite piece of art that is sure to draw attention and admiration. This unique piece was lovingly crafted by hand with a combination of resin and colours to create a beautiful and eye-catching display of intricate colors, textures, and design. The frame features a hand-painted an stone textured image of the classic Jain mantra , the Navkar Mantra,  on a shimmering background of semi-transparent resin. It is designed to be placed on a desk, shelf, or wall and make a wonderful centerpiece in any home or office.

The artful display of the Navkar Mantra in this frame is an elegant reminder to its viewer of the beauty and power of meditation and prayer. By observing the intricate design, one can be reminded to take some time to quiet the mind, slow the breath and allow inner peace to take hold. It is sure to be a special reminder of the power of positive thinking and manifestation.

The Resin Navkar Mantra Frame is constructed from high quality resin which has been treated and buffed to create a smooth, glossy finish. Constructed with durable colours, the frame is designed to last for years and make a beautiful addition to any décor. The intricate patterning within the frame creates interesting shadows and reflections, making it a visual feast to behold.


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